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What is AlphaPipe?

What is AlphaPipe?

AlphaPipe is a web-based platform for the investment management industry — managers, investors and service providers — that facilitates the exchange and evaluation of information and documents in a secure, permission-based environment.

Why is my investor, service provider or client using AlphaPipe?

Your investor, service provider or client is seeking information from you in the form of structured, normalized data for review. By agreeing to supply information via AlphaPipe, you are increasing the value of information that you provide while gaining access to features that ease the burden of response preparation, enhance the security of communications, and maintain your total control over access to your information.

Many managers or other responding parties who receive requests through AlphaPipe can also use the platform for their own information requests to vendors and counterparties, as well as for document distribution to clients. Visit our website at https://www.alphapipe.com/ to learn more.

Who will see my answers?

The information you publish in response to an AlphaPipe request is received by the requesting party and will not be shared with any other AlphaPipe clients. We are not a bulletin board and do not have any rights to redistribute any of your response data.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is secure. At AlphaPipe, we take data security, data privacy and data preservation very seriously. We have designed and implemented a comprehensive set of practices, technologies, and policies to make sure that your data is safe, secure and accessible only by authorized parties. AlphaPipe subjects itself to an annual SOC-2 review of controls relevant for security and availability. All users can directly access the most recent annual report within the platform.

Who owns the data I share in my responses?

You own your data. When you provide data to your investor, service provider or others via AlphaPipe, the recipient’s usage of that data continues to be governed by any non-disclosure and restricted use agreements in place between you and your data’s recipient. AlphaPipe does not own any of the data you enter into your account or share with other investors, service providers or others.

Does it cost me anything?

There is no cost to you as a counterparty responding to an AlphaPipe client.

For additional support, please contact support@alphapipe.com